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5 most disappointing rock Pokémon in Sword and Shield



Pokemon Sword and Shield has reintroduced players to some of the franchise’s most dangerous Rock-type Pokemon.

It brought back the likes of Onix, Rhyperior, and Tyranitar. These sturdy Rock type Pokemon are absolute icons of the category, if not of the series as a whole.

However, the potency that most Rock-type Pokémon exudes isn’t imparted to all of them. A sword and shield hilt is hugely underwhelming compared to the more difficult of the type.

5 most disappointing rock Pokémon in Sword and Shield

# 5 – Barbaracle

Image via Game Freak

As a Water / Rock-type Pokémon, Barbaracle lags behind in many categories. He is a Rock type who is weak against electric movement. He also has a 4x weakness at Grass.

He has a decent movepool but doesn’t follow it well. Its defense and attack stats are good, but the amount of super effective damage that can be dealt to it makes it a pretty disappointing Pokémon.

# 4 – Shuckle

Image via The Pokemon Company

Shuckle is not just a Disappointing insect-type Pokémon, it’s also a very disappointing dual rock. Shuckle is extremely popular and a lot of fans find him cute.

In terms of usefulness in combat, Shuckle cannot compete. He has absolutely insane defensive stats but is only useful as a stall. Any competent trainer will be able to work around and deal with this problem.

# 3 – crust

Image via The Pokemon Company

Crustle is like Shuckle. It falls into two disappointing categories. One for Bug and one for Rock.

There is nothing that stands out when it comes to Crustle. This Pokémon is just there to complement the Pokedex. Learning and skills are used much better by others Pokemon. Crustle is incredibly underwhelming, which is a real shame.

# 2 – Lunatone

Image via The Pokemon Company

Lunatone has a great concept behind it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into a powerful Pokemon. As a Rock / Psychic type, he has six weaknesses in total.

Along with its counterpart, Lunatone is the most special Pokémon. His best stats are Special Attack and Special Defense. This is the only characteristic that gives it the upper hand over its counterpart.

# 1 – Solrock

Image via The Pokemon Company

Speaking of Lunatone’s counterpart, Solrock is perhaps Sword and Shield’s most disappointing rock type. He has six major weaknesses.

He has better attack and defense stats on a physical level. The Pokemon that Lunatone is better face to face will more than likely go through Solrock.

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