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5 next-gen console games you should really care about

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It’s not Halo 6, although. Developer 343 Industries ditched the numbering convention (due to Microsoft’s wishes) for the latest entry. It is always the continuation of the labyrinthine story of Master Chief and the continuation of the (admittedly bizarre) events of Halo 5. This “brand new chapter”, according to Xbox general manager Aaron Greenberg, will follow John-119 and his compatriots, picking up again some time later. Halo 5.

Infinite Halo Originally scheduled to debut this year, but it was pushed back due to development challenges caused by the pandemic. When he finally arrives, he will come up with an explosive new campaign that will follow the group of banished mercenaries, and he will bring back the Halo weapons, vehicles, and attitude we’ve come to expect over the years, including a possible battle royale mode and plenty of multiplayer options.

It’s time we returned to the world we fell in love with so many years ago, and the fact that this is an Xbox Series X / S title makes its resurgence all the more appropriate.

Courtesy of the Bloober team

The way

Bloober Team is known for its visceral psychological horror games, Layers of fear at Observer. His latest project is The way, which is slated to debut in 2021. It’s a radical departure from painters turned into crazy, dystopian cyberpunk future. This time, The way takes players into the world of Medium Marianne, who can travel in and out of the Spirit Realm, for a game that will exist in two different planes.

This third-person adventure will allow players to switch between realms at different segments throughout the game, with Marianne using her spiritual powers by isolating hostile spirits and interacting with pots of psychic energy called spirit wells. From a point of view so far, it should feature some truly unsettling visuals, accompanied by the score by legendary Akira Yamaoka and the voice of singer and actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Support has been under wraps for some time, although more information is promised for 2021 ahead of its release. If this follows in the footsteps of previous Bloober Team titles, players will be faced with some very scary storytelling moments as well as more than a few jumping fears.

Courtesy of Capcom


Capcom is working hard on a new title called Pragmata, and it looks fantastic. There’s just one caveat: we know very, very little what it is or what it is. It’s slated for release in 2022, but it’s likely we’ll start hearing more about the project when 2021 arrives, given that all we have right now is a very mysterious cinematic trailer.


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