Monday, June 5, 2023

6 best gaming laptops (2020): cheap to high-end

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Choose a game laptop, it’s a bit like throwing a well-rounded adventure party. You have to consider what you plan to use it for, what types of quests you will tackle, and try to match its abilities to your needs, without emptying your wallet. To that end, weary traveler, we’ve taken the initiative to source the latest and greatest gaming laptops from forges big and small. We collected them in our dungeon and put them through a variety of tests to sort god-rolls from the vendors’ trash. Here they are, the best gaming laptops for every type of gamer.

Don’t forget to check out our choices for the best laptops in general, gaming mouse, keyboards, and helmets.

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Updated December 2020: We’ve revamped the guide with better organization, clearer specs, and new models.


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