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9 browser extensions to help you search the web better



(Chromium, Edge)

Google is doing well to a point, but Wolfram | Alpha beats him in all sorts of fields, from math equations and algebra to cultural history and entertainment. It performs conversions and calculations, physics queries and engineering data, and can also dig into transportation, economics, and health information. There is a lot more to explore besides everything we’ve already mentioned, and with this plugin configured, you can access the vast array of features that Wolfram | Alpha with one click.

Simple search

(Chromium, Edge, Firefox)

The Simple Search plugin reminds you of what searches the web used to look like – if you run a search using Bing or Google with Simple Search turned on, you’ll get a clean, uncluttered list of results without any of the distractions advertisements, information boxes and sponsored links. The simplified search results appear above the standard results, so if you want to see the original page, it’s just one click away. Otherwise, enjoy the old-fashioned web search.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Photography: David Nield

(Chromium, Edge, Firefox)

TinEye is one of those essential resources that should be in any serious web researcher’s toolbox. It scours the Internet looking for images, or rather a specific image that you provide. It can help you spot scams and fakes, determine the origin of an image, point you to different sizes of a certain image, and more. This official TinEye extension makes it easier for you to launch image searches, via a new entry that is added to your browser’s right-click context menu. Of course, in Chrome you can also search for images by right clicking on them, but that gives you another option, sometimes more useful.

Search all

(Chromium, Edge)

Sometimes a single search engine isn’t enough: Search All lets you search Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay, Twitter, YouTube, and any other search engine or search portal you want to add. It’s easy to switch between the search options you’ve configured and the extension allows you to easily focus your searches on shopping sites, image databases, video and movie sites, portals recipes or anything that particularly interests you. -on also comes with some useful customizations.

Search on multiple tabs

Photography: David Nield




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