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9 online course offers to acquire new skills in 2021

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MSRP: $ 2,330 | Sale Price: $ 49 | Savings: over 90%

Good SEO attracts visitors online, and more visitors means more business. These comprehensive courses illustrate what it takes to drive traffic to your website and how to create compelling content that convinces them to stay.

2. Whizlabs Online Certifications: Lifetime Membership


MSRP: $ 4,499 | Sale Price: $ 130 | Savings: over 90%

With a Whizlabs subscription, you can learn from a multitude of disciplines such as cloud computing, project management, Java, etc. It’s the perfect way to explore new career opportunities if you’re not sure what to learn, and each course can be taken at your own pace.

3. The Wall Street Stock Trading and Survival Guide Pack


MSRP: $ 1,600 | Sale Price: $ 30 | Savings: over 90%

Markets are on the road to recovery now that the vaccine is imminent, so now is the best time to learn how to invest. In this bundle, you will find plenty of resources, eBooks, and quizzes that will teach you how to read the stock market, manage your risk, and trade profitably.

4. AWS, Cisco and CompTIA All-in-One Super Certification Bundle 2021


MSRP: $ 4,379 | Sale Price: $ 99 | Savings: over 90%

Train to become AWS, Cisco, or CompTIA certified with this extensive set of courses. It includes 240 hours of content and covers the entry-level certification to associate for each vendor, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Cisco CCNP, so you can choose the courses you want to take based on the proprietary technologies you are interested in. .

5. The ultimate super bundle for Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics developers


MSRP: $ 2,391 | Sale Price: $ 50 | Savings: over 90%

Raspberry Pi makes building your own smart home devices fun and engaging. These courses cover construction devices such as security cameras, GPS trackers, and temperature sensors. In addition, it includes courses on Raspberry Pi alternatives such as Asus Tinker Board and Arduino boards.

6. The full set of preparation for Microsoft Azure certification 2021


MSRP: $ 1,194 | Sale Price: $ 35 | Savings: over 90%

Remote working has made cloud services an attractive option for SMBs, and that won’t change once we’re allowed to return to the office. This is why cloud professionals are in high demand and Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular options available. These prep courses provide expert instruction on Azure associate exams.

seven. The Ultimate 2021 Digital Marketing Super Bundle


MSRP: $ 2,200 | Sale Price: $ 35 | Savings: over 90%

Social media is a must have for any modern brand that wants to build a following. Comprising 11 courses, this bundle will teach you the latest marketing and social media best practices to grow your brand’s digital presence and build customer loyalty online.

8. The Complete Professional Cryptocurrency Trading Pack


MSRP: $ 1,194 | Sale Price: $ 30 | Savings: over 90%

Traditional trading techniques don’t necessarily apply to cryptocurrency, and these courses cover the differences and similarities so that you can invest successfully in either market. Led by a full-time trader, Bozhidar Bozhidarov, you will gain a solid understanding of the crypto, equity and forex markets so that you can trade with confidence.

9. The Productivity and Motivation Master Class pack


MSRP: $ 1,393 | Sale Price: $ 35 | Savings: over 90%

We can’t buy back time, but with these seven courses you will learn how to make the most of it. These lessons include tips on effective team management, improving communication, creating a motivational mindset, and more.

Prices are subject to change.

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