Monday, January 30, 2023

A deluge of returns in a hectic week

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It’s Friday, so some feedback, in which I was inundated with this hectic week. One respondent simply said ‘go to hell’, another accused me of being a child trafficker, a third sent a selfie of his middle finger.

I’ll share some of the more articulate. Several CEO Daily readers remain convinced that the November election was distorted by fraud.

“The evidence is everywhere if you want to look for it … voting laws are changed by officials when it is only up to state legislatures … the reversal of hundreds of thousands of votes in the wee hours of the morning … hundreds of jurors affidavits from people who witnessed numerous violations and election jams. “

“It’s a shame not to recognize voter fraud when the evidence has been clearly presented. Nothing to see here folks, come on. Pathetic.”

TD has suggested that the view that the election was riddled with fraud has become so widely held that it needs to be addressed. His suggestion:

“What if Biden creates a huge commission, led by the most conservative figures imaginable, to assess this in depth?”

Maybe that would help. But if people weren’t convinced by Trump’s attorney general, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, election officials from all fifty states, and judges from over 60 courts, why would they be convinced by a commission?

A few respondents also asked why the attack on Capitol Hill caused such media outrage, when the violence that accompanied the racial protests this summer did not.

“After spending months ignoring, downplaying and denying much more violent, more destructive, and more widespread violence, all of a sudden we’re meant to be upset when right-wing extremists take a page from the same playbook?”

Then there was this comment on my note that many business leaders were hoping for a divided government, to temper the leanings of the progressive wing of Democrats.

“Some of your readers like me are Democrats who are relieved that the Senate is in Democratic hands. I am so tired of the “progressive” fear campaign. Joe Biden is a moderate.

And finally this, in response to my rhetorical question about how democracy can survive in a world where facts are up for grabs:

“It survives when leaders start telling the truth about issues and events. It starts with leaders realizing that they have been elected to serve the people and not the nation themselves. It starts by making those responsible for this s – t program accountable. It starts with people like you who have a platform and the respect of many people who push leaders away from their self-interested attitudes and behaviors.

I’ll end with that. Glad the week is almost over. More news below. And don’t forget to read David Z. Morris’ insightful analysis of what happened on Wednesday. here.

Alan murray


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