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“A little beaten up but I’ll never stop talking!”



Kevin Holland derailed his hype train by Derek Brunson at the main event of UFC Vegas 22. Kevin Holland received the award ‘Fighter of the Year’ awarded last year by MMA Junkie after becoming the third modern UFC fighter to win all five fights in one year. However, the Netherlands’ attempt to make its way to the top was foiled by Derek Brunson in the headliner of UFC Vegas 22.

Known for his mid-fight conversations, Kevin Holland’s loud-mouthed game was certainly relevant even in the face of defeat. Following his loss, Kevin Holland posted a video online in which he vowed not to stop talking even though he could be beaten right now. Holland said:

“Oh damn, we’re a little beaten up but we’ll never stop talking. If you don’t like it, two.”

Derek Brunson was happy to silence Kevin Holland

Derek Brunson extended his winning streak to four after claiming a decision victory over Kevin Holland in the middleweight headliner at UFC Vegas 22. While the fight may not have been exciting, Brunson did a fantastic job when it comes to his wrestling, clinch and overall control. time.

Kevin Holland, meanwhile, lived up to his usual antics, chatting with his opponent during the fight and with Khabib Nurmagomedov between rounds. Derek Brunson expressed his pleasure in finally silencing Kevin Holland even though he failed to secure an finish. Derek Brunson told reporters at the post-fight conference:

“To go out there and win, to shut her up, that feels good. I was a little upset that I didn’t get the finish. I thought my pitch would do it. He was pretty cunning down there, holding my hands, holding my wrists and stuff like that. We have the victory. Next.

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