Sunday, April 14, 2024

About 150 Cadillac dealers prefer to leave the brand rather than sell electric vehicles

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Dealers could hamper GM plans electrify your cars. the Wall Street newspaper prognosticators claim that around 150 GM dealers in the United States have decided to ditch the Cadillac brand and agree to a buyout (ranging from $ 300,000 to over $ 1 million) rather than spending around $ 200,000 to upgrade dealerships with charging stations, repair materials and other equipment needed for EV sales. Many of these brands only sell a few Cadillacs per month, compared to more for Buick, Chevrolet and GMC, but it’s still a blow when GM has 880 Cadillac dealers in the country.

Cadillac brand leader Rory Harvey confirmed to the WSJ that GM was offering buybacks, but didn’t say how many dealers had bought them or how much they were worth.


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