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About the Pandemic Technology Project

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As covid-19 began to spread around the world, an avalanche of new digital services and data-driven approaches emerged to help respond to a pandemic. From smartphone exposure notifications to vaccine allocation algorithms, these systems have been developed under the watchful eye of politicians, public health officials, scientists and businesses. They also faced many challenges.

The Pandemic Technology Project is examining how these systems are being used in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. During 2021, it will investigate and report on the different ways in which digital technologies are developed and deployed.

The project is funded by support provided by a grant to the MIT Technology Review of the Rockefeller Foundation. The content is editorially independent and production is overseen by MITTR Editor-in-Chief Bobbie Johnson. Unless stated otherwise, all materials published by the project reflect the views of individual contributors and not of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the Rockefeller Foundation.

How it started

Our coverage started in March 2020, as we’ve seen technologists discuss how smartphones might help detect possible exposure to the disease. This led to a flood of applications and systems, which we started to monitor developments through our Covid tracking tracker.

As the pandemic continued, we saw these technologies complemented by other digital interventions, including the expansion of the use of digital health records, the prospect of immunity passports and other evidence-based means. data to address the spread of covid-19.

How are you

In November 2020, we expanded the project to incorporate this larger landscape. The project is now funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, and alongside the core staff of Technology Review, we have dedicated journalists and editors looking to learn more about these important issues.

Principal investigator, project manager: Bobbie johnson
Editor: Lindsay Muscato
Reporters: Ferguson Cat, My Sato

You can see a full list of the stories we’ve posted on the Pandemic Technology Project page.

What they say about us

The project and tracker have received media coverage around the world, from international broadcasters to local websites. If you are a member of the press interested in speaking to our team about this work or the role of technology in the pandemic, please email

Our work has also been used in public health decisions and cited in studies and research papers. If you refer to our work or are interested in our data, please email to let us know.

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