Friday, March 31, 2023

Adobe launches Premiere Pro beta for Mac M1

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Adobe adds that it has prioritized support for frequently used codecs such as H.264, HEVC, and ProRes. Overall, “the average publisher is likely to see very little difference from the Intel version,” according to the company. If you need a feature that has not yet been ported, you can continue to use the Intel version of Premiere Pro through the Rosetta 2 emulation.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a beta without bugs, big and small. If you have a MacBook Pro M1, you’ll want to avoid hitting the Touch Bar’s tool selector, as that could crash Premiere Pro. Oh, and if your exports seem too big, don’t worry – this is a known issue, too. You can install Premiere Pro beta for Mac M1 through Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll find the software in the beta apps category, which is on the left side of the interface.


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