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AEW’s Cody Rhodes responds to NXT Tuesday transfer announcement

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Cody Rhodes knew he should answer the WWE NXT question today.

If you believe in rumors, WWE NXT will switch to Tuesday evenings starting April 13. That would leave AEW Dynamite as the only prime-time wrestling show on Wednesday nights in the future.

This afternoon, AEW hosted a media call with EVP Cody Rhodes ahead of Tonight’s Dynamite. On NXT possibly switching to Tuesday night, Cody Rhodes said the following:

“If that’s the case if we don’t clash anymore on Wednesday night. I’m sure we’re going to make some sort of, you know, a wonderful statement. I mean, what could I say?” Kudos to NXT for making it through Tuesday night. The real winners are the fans who can watch NXT and Dynamite live every week because it’s a marathon, not an overnight sprint. I could say that. But I don’t want to be sassy or silly because I think they are moving. Maybe something else will end on Wednesday, and not just that, AEW Dark is Tuesday, so AEW Dark would potentially be opposed. This is why we cannot launch into the reaction. We just have to put out the best show. We really do. And if they want to beat us, they have to put on a better show. “

Cody Rhodes “would like” AEW to be alone on Wednesday evenings

Cody Rhodes also clarified that in the end, the AEW and NXT locker rooms love each other and the dig between the two brands has all gone well. But at the end of the day, Rhodes would love to be unopposed on Wednesday night.

“It’s fair competition. Yeah, there are digs and they’re fun, and they’re light. Believe me, all locker rooms tend to like each other. It’s more than management showing them off. And even that there is you know, a friendly relationship. Tony is a different kind of manager, a different kind of executive. I would love to be alone on Wednesday evenings, but I’m ready for that. there’s something else in that niche. Then we’ll ‘I’ll see.’

What do you think of the possibility of WWE NXT moving on Tuesdays? What do you think of Cody Rhodes’ comments? Is this the best long-term solution for both companies? Let us know by making your voice heard in the comments section below.

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Posted on March 04, 2021 05:56 AM


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