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Afghan security personnel killed in suspected Taliban attacks Taliban news

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Attacks took place on police checkpoints in Kunduz province, while a civilian died in Ghazni during an attempted suicide bombing.

At least nine Afghan security personnel were killed in attacks on two police checkpoints overnight in the troubled northern province of Kunduz, with government officials blaming the Taliban for the attacks.

Officials reported on Friday that members of the armed group launched simultaneous attacks in Kunduz, an area bordering Tajikistan that has seen regular clashes between the Taliban and government forces.

The fighting left nine Afghan security agents dead, Kunduz governor Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal told AFP news agency.

The region’s provincial council member Khaluddin Hakimi said 10 members of the security forces were killed in the fighting while 10 others were wounded, AFP reported.

There was no comment from the Taliban.

In south-eastern Ghazni province, a civilian was killed and at least seven soldiers injured on Friday after government forces shot a fighter from inside a vehicle filled with explosives.

Ghazni governor spokesman Wahidullah Jumazada told the DPA news agency that Taliban fighters attacked the security bases surrounding the provincial capital from several directions, but the attacks were repelled with the help from air support.

Despite ongoing talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, deadly attacks targeting civilians and security forces have surged across the country in recent months.

Negotiations aim to end decades of war, but there has been no progress so far.

Delegations from both sides arrived in Doha, Qatar last week to resume peace talks.

On Friday, the United States announced that it had reached its goal of reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan at about 2,500.

Last February, the Trump administration struck a deal with the Taliban to downsize US troops in stages and eliminate them completely by May 2021. It remains unclear how the new Biden administration will proceed.


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