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AFL News Andrew Krakouer recounts his teammate’s shocking racial insult

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Former Collingwood forward Andrew Krakouer detailed the moment he heard a shocking racial slur in the team’s locker room that left him ‘anxious’ and ‘disgusted’.

While in his locker at the Holden Center headquarters in Collingwood in the middle of the 2012 season, Krakouer overheard a group of three teammates sharing a heinous joke about Indigenous Australians.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, the former striker recounted what followed when he confronted the trio over their behavior.

“I have no interest in mentioning names, but there was a group talking and I heard the word ‘b-ng’ coming,” Krakouer told the Herald Sun.

“Right away, there were a number of emotions going through me. I was anxious, I was angry, I was annoyed – and incredulous that I had just heard this in my own workplace and that it was my own teammates who were doing the racist slurs. .

“They were laughing a bit and I walked over and said, ‘Could you tell me what’s so funny?’

“They tried to laugh and say, ‘It’s okay, man, don’t worry about that,’ and I said, ‘No, actually I just heard you say the’ b – ng ‘and you laugh at it. I want to know what is so funny ”.

“He told me that the word ‘b-ng’ came from the days when white Australians ran over Natives in their cars and ‘b-ng’ was the sound the car made when it hit them. I was absolutely disgusted. “

Collingwood responds to discovery of ‘systemic racism’

Krakouer said he was inspired by Heritier Lumumba and Leon Davis after the duo came forward with their own stories of racism during their time with the Magpies.

Krakouer said he shared this story with “only a handful of people” before his interview with Herald Sun.

Former Collingwood star Daniel Wells is one of 12 named to anti-racism panel at the club as he takes the next step in eliminating the issue of systemic racism.

According to a statement from Collingwood, the anti-racism group will help the club develop a “framework for change and, ultimately, provide community leadership to fight racism.”

The creation of an anti-racism group was a key recommendation of the club’s recently released Do Better report.


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