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AFL replacement rule under fire after season opener Richmond vs Carlton

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AFL great Nathan Brown says code should reconsider the rule of the medical substitute after Richmond and Carlton took advantage of the change during last night’s game at MCG.

The Blues brought in Oscar McDonald at halftime to replace Jack Silvagni with a shoulder injury, McDonald responding with two goals.

Richmond used the rule to replace Nick Vlastuin, who had a knee problem, at the end of the third quarter, although Melbourne legend Garry Lyon was not convinced of the severity of the injury.

“Oscar McDonald is coming, Silvagni seemed like a legitimate shoulder (injury),” he told Fox Footy.

“You’re just wondering if you’re sitting in the (Richmond) coaches box, McDonald’s has a big impact and they’re doing good, their sub’s on, put ours on. (If) we don’t have an injury – find out. -in one. “

Speaking TODAY, Brown said the rule needs to be tightened.

“I think the AFL should have adopted a hard and fast rule, for so long we have been worried about concussions, players are leaving and doctors are instructed not to let concussion players come back,” he said. declared.

“We have to protect the players, but you are a downed man.

“The rule should have only been for concussion, if you have a concussion you’re out of the game, so you can bring a sub.”

Brown said the current rule is open to abuse from teams, who will seek the opportunity to bring a new player onto the pitch.

“When you start to get injuries, when you start to have little knocks to the knee, like Vlastuin did last night, it can be used the wrong way like it was last night,” he said. he declares.

“But the rules there, they’re going to find loopholes. The coaches, the medical staff are going to want their players to be there.

“When a sub comes in fresh last night like they did, it has a big impact.”

Brown said tightening the rule to only allow concussion replacements would make the change much more palatable.

“Just a concussion, I think it’s a hard and fast rule, everyone would understand that, everyone would respect that and they would know what’s going on,” he explained.

“It puts too much pressure on the doctor too, to make split (second) decisions about their players who may not be so injured.”

Dustin Martin was remarkable as the Tigers opened their season with a 105-80 victory over the Blues.

Martin had 12 of his 31 assignments when the game was on the line in the final quarter, with the Tigers scoring just eight points for good in the final change.

“The last game he played was the grand final, I thought it was the best performance I’ve ever seen, (but) he’s getting better every time you see him,” Brown said.

“We have to talk about him now in the biggest player of the conversation.

“I think Leigh Matthews and Wayne Carey are sitting there with Gary Ablett, but Dustin Martin, it’s scary to think he’s better.”

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