Monday, July 15, 2024

After Math: Google is getting faster and TikTok is getting longer

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This excessive internet speed will come in handy next year as many of the most anticipated movies, including the Dune to restart, Matrix 4, and Godzilla vs. Kong – will be broadcast on the day of their theatrical release. They’ll be available on HBO Max, the same way we all watch Wonder Woman 1984 in December. And given their blockbuster status, you’ll want as fast a connection as possible to avoid buffering during good games.


Mike Blake / Reuters

And so, Tiktok begins his perilous journey down the slippery slope of becoming a YouTube clone.


Flavio Lo Scalzo / Reuters

You know the trend for electrification in the auto industry is accelerating as luxury supercar makers scramble to participate. This week, the vaunted automaker Maserati announced that it will transfer its entire lineup to BEVs or at least hybrids within the next five years. Even more impressive, Hyundai unveiled its new EV platform this week and plans to build nearly two dozen new electric models out of it.



In other good green news, Scotland is about to start the world’s first attempt to replace natural gas with “green hydrogen” for cooking and heating. Some 300 residential homes will participate in the $ 24 million pilot program. If it succeeds and grows in the rest of the country, it will do a lot to help the UK meet its zero carbon targets by 2050.


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