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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky could be worth more than $ 11 billion after its IPO

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Brian Chesky Now “Host” To Multi-Billion Dollar Fortune Through His Company Massive Airbnb IPO.

The popular home-sharing platform started trading at $ 146 a share on Thursday after pricing Wednesday night at $ 68 a share, raising around $ 3.5 billion on its IPO – a big increase from its previous goal of $ 56 and $ 60 per share earlier this week. The stock trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol “ABNB”.

What is Brian Chesky’s net worth?

With the stock price and the current stock price, CEO and co-founder Chesky’s net worth could be around $ 11.2 billion based on Fortunebottom of envelope calculations. Like most founders, the majority of Chesky’s equity is likely tied to his business – Airbnb’s IPO providing the first detailed look at the CEO’s holdings in the home-sharing industry.

According to Airbnb last stock exchange deposit, Chesky sold 517,241 shares at a price of $ 68 each and still owns 76.4 million Class B shares as a result of the offer. Although Chesky is also remunerated in Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) which vest over the next 10 years based on stock price targets, he chose to donate this net proceeds to charitable and philanthropic organizations. , in accordance with the deposit.

Granted, with an approximate net worth of over $ 11 billion, Chesky’s fortune is eclipsed by many of tech’s top CEOs, but she is on par with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey ($ 11.9 billion) and even surpasses Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel ($ 9.2 billion). ) and Tony Xu from DoorDash, whose IPO on Wednesday increased his net worth to nearly $ 3 billion, according to Bloomberg data and estimates as of Wednesday.

Chesky co-founded Airbnb in 2008 with Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia and has raised a total of $ 6.4 billion in private markets, according to PitchBook data.

The San Francisco-based company’s IPO is one of many great year-end public debuts to complete a Record year for companies listed on the stock market, Recently said Stacey Cunningham of the New York Stock Exchange Fortune. With a valuation of more than $ 100 billion at the start of the session, Airbnb is one of the biggest IPOs of 2020.

And based on what some market insiders are seeing, 2021 promises to be another busy year to make executives billionaires.

Fortune writer Lucinda Shen contributed reporting.

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