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Alan Jones fears for Melbourne Australian Grand Prix amid COVID-19

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Formula 1 greats Alan Jones believes a “bloody miracle” will be needed for the Australian Grand Prix to take place in March, so great is the challenge posed by COVID-19.

Autosport announced yesterday that the opening round of this year’s Formula 1 World Championship may be postponed due to Australia’s severe travel restrictions and the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus.

The season is still set to start in Melbourne on March 21, but Autosport has announced that the Bahrain Grand Prix will likely open the series on March 28.

Jones fears that it will be impossible for the Australian Grand Prix to be held in March.

“I’ve always liked the idea of ​​Australia hosting the first round, because we’re the first to see new driver-car combinations, new regulations being put in place … We’re very lucky to have been able to host the first round, “Jones was quoted by News Corp.

“But I can also understand the other side – the reluctance to travel halfway around the world and be locked up for two weeks. It’s a big request.

“It’s a logistical nightmare to get all this cars, equipment and people, and all the TV stuff across the globe, even though they’ve gotten really good at it. If they have to stay two more weeks, it jeopardizes the rest of the season.

“Hopefully a bloody miracle happens and we can come to a conclusion in the next few weeks, but otherwise I just can’t see it happening, to be honest.”

The pandemic forced the 2020 Australian Grand Prix to be postponed a few hours before the first practice session.

Instead, the Austrian Grand Prix kicked off the 2020 season July 3-5, and Australia missed a Grand Prix last year.

Although the 2021 season opener may be withdrawn from Australia, Melbourne could host a Grand Prix later in the year.

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