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This is part of the IGN guide series on Festivals, which is held on February 15th. Here we break down every piece of furniture, clothing, and reaction you can buy as we approach Festivals.

These items are available for the first time on February 1st, and stay available until the 15th. However, not all items will be available every day, so don’t forget to register Nook’s Cranny and Capable sisters everyday.

While you can’t time travel to begin Festivals itself, you can time travel to visit stores on different days to get what you need. This guide does not include recipes for Festivals, which will only be available February 15th himself.

Here are the items available at Nook’s Cranny. The set is available in four different colors (orange, green, blue or pink), but only one color is available per island. There are 9 in total, and only one will be available each day:


You can see what all the furniture looks like together below!

The Festivals Float is the only piece of furniture not available in Nook’s Cranny. To get it, you must give Pavé 3 rainbow feathers at a time on the day of the holiday, February 15th. You can only get this item once, so only sell it if you are ABSOLUTELY sure you don’t want it!

Here are the items available at Capable sisters. There are three in total, but again, all three are available in four different colors; orange, green, blue and pink. This time, all four colors are available on every island, but not all clothing will be available every day.

  • Festivals Tank Dress – 2,600
  • Costume Festival – 2600
  • Party Accessory – 2240

Plus, even though it’s not a tailored garment, you can also wear the feathers you can catch floating in the air as clothes!

Festive reactions

These reactions are also available on Nook’s Cranny, but from the cabinet to the right rather than from the workshop. There are four of them (Feelin ‘It, Let’s Go, Viva, and Confetti), but they are purchased in one package rather than individually. The package costs 19,800.

Check the All the festive reactions page for a breakdown of the reactions and what they look like.


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