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Amazon’s new CEO pledges to support game creation division

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Amazon Founder and Longtime CEO Jeff Bezos to to resign of its position this summer. Andy Jassy, ​​a well-respected company leader responsible for Amazon’s successful cloud computing presence, is currently the conglomerate’s outgoing CEO and has already announced his commitment to producing more games.

Last year, Amazon pulled the plug on Crucible, a hero shooter that just couldn’t get a dedicated player base or widespread publicity despite having three multiplayer modes and a sizable roster. In that same breath, however, Amazon revealed Luna a new cloud gaming service that appears to rival Stadia. But serious issues within the company’s Game Making division were highlighted in January when Bloomberg covered the toxic and misogynistic culture that took place at Amazon Game Studios.

“Four female game developers say their worst experiences with sexism in the industry have been on Amazon,” the report said. “They shared stories of ignorance and depreciation from male leaders and said they were ultimately kicked out of the business.” these problems, many development teams were understaffed and neglected.

According to an email sent to Bloomberg By Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Game Studios, the company has no tolerance for unsafe or degrading work cultures and will strive to combat these claims, “We have learned and improved a lot along the way, including myself, and we will continue to do so. Likewise, outgoing CEO Andy Jassy said that despite the studios’ far from ideal trip so far, success is still waiting on the horizon.

What do you think of Amazon’s foray into the ever-growing world of game creation? Do you think the new CEO will make the much-needed changes to the workplace culture and the game development process? Be sure to ring in the comments below.

[Source: Bloomberg via IGN]


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