Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Amazon’s next office in Virginia will feature spiral forest on rooftops

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Amazon has unveiled plans the second phase of its Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and it is quite clear that the environment will play a central role. The three 22-story buildings will not just focus on sustainability (more on that in a moment), but will involve “constant interaction” with nature. The central building, the 350-foot Helix, is a DNA-inspired tower where trees and gardens will soar to the top – like the Amazon spheres in Seattle, greenery will be practically omnipresent.

Each building will be equipped with a fully electric central heating and air conditioning system solar farm in virginia. The 2.5 acres of publicly accessible space will focus on driveways, retail and landscaping rather than cars, with delivery trucks unloading their goods underground. An amphitheater will take care of everything from concerts to farmers markets. Protected bike lanes and street-level cycling facilities will also encourage people to give up cars.


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