Wednesday, February 28, 2024

An improved version of Terminator: Resistance comes to PlayStation 5

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Listen and understand. That terminator is over there. It cannot be negotiated. It cannot be reasoned. It doesn’t feel pity, remorse, or fear. And it absolutely won’t stop, ever, until you’re dead! Developer Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment take Kyle’s warning about the machines to heart.

Teyon takes advantage of the new hardware to deliver improved 4k resolution, 60fps gameplay, higher texture and polygon resolutions, improved lighting, more detailed shadows and particle effects. When compared to the PlayStation 4 version, Teyon says this new iteration charges four times faster. Previously released balance and difficulty updates for the PC version will also be included.

As for new content, Teyon introduces Infiltrator, a mode that gives players the chance to see the war on the other side as a T-800 unit marching against the Resistance.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced will launch on March 26 as both a digital and physical game. In addition to a standard physical version, fans can purchase a Collector’s Edition that comes with a steelbook, four postcards, a hardcover mini Dark Horse comic, and a collector’s box (which you can see below).

Following the release of Resistance, Teyon is working on a paid DLC expansion that features new story content. The team is planning a summer 2021 version for this expansion which will only be available for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions.


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