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Andre Johnson thinks Deshaun Watson is right to turn on ‘pathetic’ Texans and seek trade



There are few people as universally respected in Texan history as Andre Johnson, the All-Pro receiver who has spent most of his career in Houston despite an often defective product on the field.

When he was welcomed back to NRG Stadium in 2017 for his induction into the team’s Ring of Honor, fans around the room held up cards bearing his No.80.

Johnson isn’t the straightforward figure some of the other receivers of his era have become, so when he speaks it maybe carries more importance. He was outspoken on Tuesday when he addressed reports that Deshaun Watson was so disillusioned with the Texans that he could look for a job elsewhere.

“If I am @deshaunwatson, I will stand by my position,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “The Texans organization is known to ruin players’ careers. Since (Football Operations EVP) Jack Easterby entered the building nothing good has happened in / for the organization and for some reason someone doesn’t seem to see what’s going on. Pathetic!!!”

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Watson is particularly angry with Ownership for not being transparent in the hiring process for its general manager or head coach, and is reportedly offended by the lack of emphasis on candidate diversity.

The 25-year-old Clemson drafted is hands down the best quarterback the franchise has ever had even at a young age – he threw 104 touchdowns for just 36 interceptions in his first four seasons in the NFL and rushed forward. for 1,677 yards. His production comes despite a shoddy offensive line which in 2018 made him the fifth most sacked passer in a single season in league history and which continued to put him at risk of going up against linemen. defensive. He led the NFL in passing yards in 2020 despite transferring top receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona ahead of the campaign.

Johnson apparently felt a similar frustration to Watson as a player and wants to add pressure on Houston’s leadership as he plunges into a crisis over his disgruntled superstar. He knows Watson deserves better.




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