Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Another first: all three main positions in Kamala Harris’s office will be filled by women

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For the first time, the first three positions in the Vice President’s office will be filled by women – and all will serve under the first woman to hold the position.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Thursday announced her key aides, includingTina Flournoyas chief of staff, in addition to appointing his adviser on internal policy and his adviser on national security.

“Along with the rest of my team, those appointed today will work to bring this virus under control, responsibly open our economy and ensure it uplifts all Americans, and restore and advance our country’s leadership in the world, “Harris said in a statement. .

President-elect Joe Biden and Harris have made a point of making historic appointments to staff and cabinet positions, pledging to build a team “that looks like America.” This contrasts with the cabinet and staff of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who are largely white.

Biden chose Janet Yellen, who would be the first female secretary to the Treasury, and a diverse group for national security and economic jobs as well as White House staff. Earlier this week, Biden announced his senior communications team, all of whom are women, including two – Ashley Etienne and Symone Sanders – assigned to Harris.

Nonetheless, Biden is already facing criticism for not choosing enough African Americans or Latinos for key jobs, as he continues to build his cabinet. Rep. Jim Clyburn, the most senior black member of Congress and credited with turning the main campaign in Biden’s favor, has expressed concern over the number of people nominated by black people.

Harris should continue to build his list of assists. Flournoy is the chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton. She had also worked as an assistant to the president for public policy at the American Federation of Teachers. Flournoy served in various roles in the Clinton administration, starting with his 1992 campaign. The last woman to serve as the Vice President’s Chief of Staff was Ann Whitman under Vice President Nelson Rockefeller from 1974.

Rohini Kosoglu will serve as the vice president’s domestic policy adviser. Kosoglu is currently Harris Senior Advisor. She was the first South Asian-American woman to serve as chief of staff in the United States Senate, having worked for Harris’ Senate office as well as her primary presidential campaign.

Nancy McEldowney, former U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria, will be Harris’ national security adviser. McEldowney was director of European affairs on the staff of the Clinton administration’s National Security Council as well as the senior deputy under secretary of state in the Office of European and Eurasian Affairs.

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