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Apple begins sending hacker-friendly iPhones to security experts



Security experts participating in Apple Security Research Device (SRD) The program may soon receive its iPhones suitable for hackers. According to MacRumors, the tech giant informed the first group of attendees that their DTH phones would be dispatched immediately. The iPhones in the program behave like their standard counterparts, but they provide security researchers with better access so participants can run all the tools they need to find vulnerabilities.

Apple first ad the program in July “to help improve security for all iOS users.” Researchers will be able to keep the SRD phones provided to them for 12 months, but this is on a renewable basis if they want to continue participating after the year ends. They are required to report any vulnerability they find, test, or validate on the research device to Apple or the developer if the bug is in third-party code. That said, participants can still participate in Apple’s Bug Bounty Program, with payouts of up to $ 1 million. They just need to make sure not to use their SRD iPhones for any aspect of the research they are doing for the particular vulnerability they are submitting.




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