Saturday, July 20, 2024

Apple mixes up hardware executives to make way for mysterious new project

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Dan Riccio served as senior vice president of engineering overseeing all Apple hardware since 2012, but now he’s stepping down from that role. A Press release has revealed he is focused on a mysterious “new project” at Apple and will always report directly to CEO Tim Cook. The exact nature of this new project remains unclear, although recent rumors have highlighted Apple’s plans to augmented and virtual reality or build an electric car. In the image above, Riccio stands alongside former design manager Jony Ive as they demonstrate augmented reality on an iPad at WWDC.

Riccio’s replacement in Apple’s management team is John Ternus, who has been vice president of hardware engineering since 2013, and is noted as a key figure in Apple’s deployment of its new M1 processors.


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