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Apple will stop selling the iMac Pro

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If you were hoping to buy a iMac Pro for serious work, you had better act quickly. 9to5Mac reports (and Apple confirmed to Engadget) that Apple is slashing sales of its all-in-one workstation. You can still buy one, but it is limited to the base 10-core Xeon configuration and is only available “while supplies last”. You’ll also need to be patient, as orders take three to four weeks as of this writing.

Apple told Engadget that most business customers would likely be happy with High-end 2020 iMac, which made SSDs standard and includes newer graphics, up to 128GB of RAM, and the option of a glare-reducing nano-textured display finish. Customers who need more can always purchase a Mac Pro tower, the company added.

It is not known if or when there will be a replacement, but we would not count on it. The iMac Pro was introduced in late 2017 as an effective back-up system for high-end customers expected a redesigned Mac Pro. Although Apple upgraded the base spec of an eight-core processor to 10, it never updated the hardware beyond that – even though Intel Xeon’s slow update schedule played a role, it was also evident that Apple threw most of its weight behind the Mac Pro. This iMac was especially useful for business users who needed a machine that was relatively easy to transport for tasks like editing photos and videos on the set.

As it stands, the iMac Pro faced an uncertain future. Apples transition to internal silicon could only encourage rethinking the pro system strategy of the company. Rumors swirled about future iMacs with up to 16 high speed cores, not to mention a Mac Pro mini desktop. If this is true, a new iMac Pro wouldn’t be of much interest when other systems might at least do the job as well. Don’t mourn the iMac Pro too much, as its successors may be more than capable of filling the void.


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