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Apple’s MacBook Pro M1 is $ 150 on Amazon

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Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with M1 chipset has seen some cutbacks since its debut late last year, and it remains for sale on Amazon for now. But the online retailer is adding to an already solid selling price with additional discounts. The 256GB MacBook Pro M1 dropped to $ 1,150 thanks to an automatically applied $ 50 coupon, and the 512 GB version is down to $ 1350 thanks to a similar coupon of $ 49.

Buy MacBook Pro M1 (256GB) on Amazon – $ 1150 Buy MacBook Pro M1 (512GB) on Amazon – $ 1350

Apple blew us away with the MacBook Air M1, which showed the impressive capabilities of the new chipset. The MacBook Pro M1 goes one step further and has won a score of 84 on our side. The M1 chip performed as well as expected and gave the Pro even more power thanks to the laptop’s more efficient cooling system (unlike the Air, it has a fan to help things). The Pro M1 was blazingly fast, and it handled games quite well thanks to the improved GPUs. We were also impressed with the Pro’s battery life, which lasted over 16 hours in our benchmark tests and there was plenty of juice left after a full day’s work.

But the Pro has some limitations that power users will want to be aware of. First of all, it only supports 16GB of RAM, which is a bummer for those of us who like to specify our machines with as much RAM as possible. While the new GPU cores are solid, they’re the only ones you can use because the new Pro doesn’t support external GPUs and it’s also limited to an external display. You’ll also want to make sure that the software you use daily has been optimized for the M1 chipset – while a bunch of popular programs already are, the switch is not yet universal. But if you need an upgrade and all your necessary software is M1 ready, Amazon’s offering on the latest MacBook Pro is a great solution to consider.

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