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Assassination Challenges – Dartmoor – Hitman 3 Wiki Guide

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Description: Complete the following Versatile challenges in Dartmoor: “Piano Man”, “Someone Could Hurt Themselves”, “Hold My Hair”, “Straight Shot”, “Tasteless, Traceless”

Someone Could Hurt Themselves

Description: Assassinate the target in an accident.

Helpfully, all three Mission Stories offer a way to get this Challenge. You can either shove her off the balcony in Means, Motive and Opportunity, electrocute her at the end of A Day To Remember, or shove her into her own grave in Her Final Resting Place.


Hold My Hair

Description: Assassinate the target by drowning them.

Completing this Challenge is almost exactly the same as the Another Death In The Family Mission story. As such, we’ll also describe how to achieve it here.

Accomplishing this Challenge in Dartmoor is a rather involved ordeal. You should start by doing the first part of the Means, Murder And Opportunity Mission Story by taking the Private Investigator disguise, going to Zachary’s Bedroom, and gathering up the clues. Once you’ve done that, return to Mr. Fernsby to start the second part of the Mission Story, which is where this Challenge can truly begin.

First, make your way out to the greenhouse on the far East of the map. To get inside it, you’ll need a Crowbar, which you can find on a piles of boxes at the back. Head to the front of the Greenhouse near the fountain, then wait for the security guard to walk away because forcing your way in.

Now that you’re inside, look around for the Poisonous Flower (Emetic). This is what you need for this Challenge, but…

If you’re wanting to do the Another Death in the Family Challenge, you’ll want to repair the Distillation Kit. To do that, check the fountain nearby for a Wrench, then use it to repair the kit. This will allow Emma to use it later and cook up a lethal poison.

Next, you need to spike a drink that Alexa Carlisle will take a sip from. The only drink Alexa has in this level is at the bar in the Sitting Room, but you can’t spike it unless you’re disguised as Mansion Staff. You’ll also need to gather evidence to accusse someone, and Mr. Fernsby is the best option. Luckily, there’s a spot to get both!

You’ll want to head over to Mr. Fernsby’s office in the mansion, which is close to a Fusebox. Use your Crowbar to open the door to Fernsby’s office first, then grab the Lethal Poison Pill Jar from the windowsill and Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary from the fireplace. This is enough to accuse Fernsby of the murder later.

Now go open up the Fusebox and turn it off, drawing the attention of a Mansion Staff member in a nearby room. Hide in office, wait for him to turn the power back on, then Subdue him and hide him in the wardrobe in the office.

Next don his disguise and head to the bar in the Sitting Room. Make a save here, then spike the Glass of Whiskey there. The save is so that you can reload back to this point and NOT spike the drink so that Emma will do it later with a lethal poison, which gets you the Another Death in the Family Challenge.

Now what you should do is talk to Mr. Fernsby to conclude your investigation and talk with Alexa in her office. Accuse Mr. Fernsby, then at the end, ask for the Case File as your rewards so that you don’t have to retrieve it later. After that, follow Alexa all the way downstairs and she’ll call the family meeting.

Since you’re here, ring the bell Alexa rung to get the Ding Ding Ding Challenge, then take a picture of Alexa to get Nothing as it Seems Challenge!

Once the meeting is done, Alexa will go to the Library, then return to the Sitting Room and take a drink. If you let Emma poison it, she’ll die right there, but if YOU did it, she’ll suddenly feel sick and retreat into the bathroom. Follow her in, drown her in the toilet, then hide her in the wardrobe next to the door.

And that’s it! If you asked for the Case File earlier, you can now just stroll out of the level and finish!

Straight Shot

Description: Assassinate the target with a headshot.

The best way to get this Challenge is at the end of the A Day To Remember Mission Story while Alexa is inspecting her grave. As Alexa is examining a table, subdue her bodyguard and hide him in the bushes, then wait for a window to pop Alexa in the head without her noticing you aim at her.

Piano Man

Description: Assassinate the target with fiber wire.

Another Challenge that’s best done at the end of the A Day To Remember Mission Story. When Alexa is inspecting her grave, Subdue and hide her bodyguard, then take out the Fiber Wire and strangle her.

You can also get this Challenge while going for the Sweet Dreams Challenge. Use Instinct while hiding in the secret area and wait for Alexa to turn around to set her pillow back onto the chair. When you see this, enter the room and choke her!

Tasteless, Traceless

Description: Assassinate the target with lethal poison.

The best way to get this Challenge is to complete the Another Death in the Family Challenge. This involves fixing the Distillation Kit in the Greenhouse with a Wrench, which allows Emma to fix up a poison and spike Alexa’s drink, killing her when she takes a sip soon after. Head to that page for detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

Description: [REDACTED]

How to Complete the Another Death in the Family Challenge

To complete this Challenge, you need to cause Emma Carlisle to kill Alexa. In order to do this, you need to repair Emma’s Distillation Kit in the Greenhouse BEFORE Alexa Carlisle calls the family meeting in the Sitting Room.

As with everything in Dartmoor, you’ll need the Private Investigator disguise in order to have free access to almost anywhere in the level.

Getting into the Greenhouse requires a Crowbar to open, which you can find on a box among the vans at the North entrance of the Mansion. Be warned however: only Security can enter the Greenhouse, so Crouch to avoid attention.

Now you need to repair the Distillation Kit. This requires a Wrench, and luckily one can be found close-by. Check the fountain outside to find one lying on the edge. Sneak back into the Greenhouse and repair it.

Now you need to either wait for or initiate the family meeting in the Sitting Room. It will occur naturally about 20 minutes after starting the level, but if that’s too long, it will also trigger if you complete the Means, Motive And Opportunity Mission Quest (that’s the murder detective one). If you decide to do this, you’ll need to accuse either Mr. Fernsby the Butler or Zachary himself: accusing Emma will ruin this Challenge.

Once the family meeting has transpired, Emma will retreat to the Greenhouse and discover her Distillation Kit is working again and make another poison. She’ll return to the Sitting Room and spike a drink, and soon afterAlexa will drink it and die! You’ll then want to leave as you’ll be rather suspicious.

If you decided to solve the murder mystery to trigger the family meeting and asked for the Case File at the end of your investigation, you’ll now have all your objectives completed and can exit the level!

Description: Electrocute Alexa Carlisle during the photo shoot.

How to Complete the One for the Ages Challenge

This Challenge is the natural result of completing the A Day To Remember Mission Story. You’ll power up the Fusebox near the water fountain with a Fuse Cell, then cause a leak around the metal chair so that Alexa is shocked to death by the power from the spotlights. Visit the link below for details on how to accomplish this.

Description: [REDACTED]

How to Complete the I Find This Amoosing Challenge

To fulfill this Challenge, you need to kill Alexa usine a chandelier made of moose antlers.

The best time to get this is at the end of the Means, Motive And Opportunity Mission Story (but is only possible if you accuse Emma or Mr. Fernsby). After you conclude it, Alexa will ask for some privacy: use this moment to go up the staircase to the upper area of the room.

Look for the chest you can hide in and stand at the railing close to it, in case you need to hide. If you don’t have a gun on you, there’s a Bartoli Hunting Shotgun near the chair at the doors to the balcony, however firing it WILL alert the guards in the room. Hence why firing near the Chest is so important!

Eventually Alexa will re-enter the room: this is when you should take aim at the chain of the chandelier. Look at the minimap and wait for Alexa’s red target icon to reach the middle of the room. Fire at the chain, and she’ll be crushed by the chandelier!

At this point you’ll be hunted (especially if you used the Bartoli shotgun), so you should hide in the chest until the heat dies down.

Description: Put Alexa Carlisle to rest.

How to Complete the Grave Mistake Challenge

This Challenge involves getting Alexa Carlisle into her grave in the Graveyard. There are two ways you can do this.

The first and most logical method is at the end of the Her Final Resting Place Mission Story, where you’ll be dressed as the Undertaker as Alexa inspects her own funeral. As she investigates a desk to the side, Subdue her Bodyguard and hide him in the bushes. After that, Alexa will stand right in front of the grave: shove the old hag in!

The second and much more elaborate method is to shoot her with a Sniper Rifle. This is described in detail Keep Calm and Aim page, but the jist of it is to clear Alexa’s Office, bring a Sniper Rifle you smuggled in up to a rooftop, then get the birds out of the graveyard so you can snipe Alexa as she’s standing in front of her grave. The force of the shot will throw her into the grave!

Description: Eliminate Alexa Carlisle with a sniper rifle from the roof of the mansion.

How to Complete the Keep Calm and Aim Challenge

This Challenge cannot be accomplished with what the Dartmoor level provides by default: you must use Mission Planning get what you need. It’s essentially an elaborate way of completing the Her Final Resting Place Mission Story.

There are three things you need to make this Challenge work:

  • Unlock a Sniper Rifle. Dartmoor doesn’t have a Sniper Rifle, so you’ll need to smuggle one in. The quickest one to unlock is the Druzhina 34 DTI, earned by reaching Mastery Level 15 in Dubai.
  • Unlock an Agency Pickup in Dartmoor. This lets you smuggle the Sniper Rifle into the level. The earliest one you can unlock in Dartmoor is the ground floor bathroom, unlocked at Mastery Level 3.
  • Bring a Silenced Pistol. Since this Challenge requires completing the Her Final Resting Place Mission Story, you need a Silenced Pistol so that you don’t draw attention when shooting the bird nests.

Once you have that set up, make your way into the mansion as the Private Investigator as per usual. Before accepting to go to Zachary’s Bedroom however, head to the Agency Pickup you chose and retrieve the briefcase with the Sniper Rifle.

Now head up to Zachary’s Bedroom (without the Butler). On the balcony outside is a Bodyguard: Subdue him with your briefcase, then don his clothes and drag his body into the wardrobe in the bedroom so that he isn’t noticed.

Now that you’re a Bodyguard you’ll be able to walk up to Level 3 where Alexa Carlise’s Office is, which is where you get to the rooftop. Head up the stairs and down the hallway to the door on your right. The problem is that there’s a guard standing close by who will see through your disguise, and there’s a second one in the office itself. To avoid them, walk very close along the right-hand wall and follow it into the Office (DO NOT run as that makes things worse). Continue hugging the right-hand wall in the office and you’ll avoid both of their attention.

Next, you’ll want to take out all three Bodyguards in the room, as they’ll hear the sniper rifle’s gunshot. Head onto the balcony via the right-hand door and hide behind the corner of the rail, close to a wicker box. Wait for the pair of Bodyguards to exit the room, and one of them will walk towards you and then face away. Use your suitcase to Subdue them both, hide their bodies in the wicker box, then head inside and Subdue the bodyguard at the bottom of the staircase. He can be hid in the chest under the staircase.

Okay, now to get to the rooftop itself. Head up the stairs and keep an eye on the paintings on the wall. The spot on the stairs where the Paintings stop is what you’re looking for: a ledge to shimmy along. Take your Sniper Rifle out of the briefcase, then jump up to and shimmy left along the ledge to an open window you can vault through. You’ll now be on the rooftop facing the graveyard: drop the Sniper Rifle here for later use.

Next you’ll need to set the Mission Story in motion by doing the Her Final Resting Place Mission Story. To get down without having to pass by the guard, head to the wicker box on the balcony and vault over the rail. Here, slide down the green pipe and then walk left along the ledge until you can pull yourself up to the balcony. This is the one outside Zachary’s Bedroom where you got the Bodyguard disguise!

Now head aaaaaaall the way down to the graveyard to where the two trees are. Use a Coin to draw the Gardner into the bushes so you can Subdue him, then use your Silenced Pistol to shoot out the three nests in the two trees.

Now it’s a race against time. Return aaaaaaall the way back to the rooftop and grab the Sniper Rifle, then wait until Alexa is approaching the graveyard (use Instinct to tell where she is).

At this point you can snipe her at any time to fulfill the Challenge, but there’s an extra treat here! Wait until Alexa is standing in front of the pit where her fake grave is and THEN shoot her. She’ll fly forward and land right into the pit, hiding the body and getting you the Grave Mistake Assassination Challenge as well!

Description: Eliminate Alexa Carlisle in her private room.

How to Complete the Sweet Dreams Challenge

This Challenge asks you to kill Alexa in the private room accessible from her Office on Level 2. First, as always, get the Private Investigator disguise. Once you have, head into the mansion and go to Zachary’s Bedroom, then go to the balcony and Subdue the Bodyguard to get his disguise. This gives you access to Level 2. Hide his body in the wardrobe in Zachary’s Bedroom.

Now head up to Alexa’s Office on Level 3. There’s a guard across from the door who’ll see your disguise: you can walk right through the door before he picks you out, or you can wait for one of the maids to distract him.

Once you’re inside, look for the door under the staircase and enter it to get to the padded red room with a single chair in it. Check the wall the chair is facing for a button that opens up to a secret area.

Next it’s a wait for Alexa to visit the room. This could take a while as Alexa may go down to Level 1 to visit Zachary’s body. Eventually though she’ll enter her office and leave a stern message over her phone, and then enter the Private Room (use Instinct vision to keep track of her).

This is a great spot to get the Peeping 47 Challenge. Use the small peering hole to the right of the secret door and look at Alexa to pop it!

Now you need to wait for the right moment. Alexa will start with extreme emotional venting behind the chair, then sit in the chair and scream into the pillow (again, use Instinct to keep track of her). When she’s in the chair, open the secret door and Smother her with the pillow.

This section is also a fantastic spot to get the Piano Man challenge done, since this is the one spot in the level where Alexa has utter privacy for an extended period of time.

Deed done, drag Alexa’s body into the secret area and dump her in the chest. You’ll want to leave via the second door ot the right of the chest, since you’ll be trespassing in the Private Room and Alexa’s a Bodyguard is waiting right outside of it.

If you need to do the Find the Case File objective, re-enter the room and check that the two Bodyguards are out on the balcony. Press the button on the red chair to move a nearby painting and reveal the safe. Visit the Find the Case File page to learn what to do next!


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