Sunday, December 3, 2023

ASUS ROG Flow X13 is a tiny gaming convertible with an eGPU

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ASUS has created its own PCIe 3 connector for the eGPU, which can provide 63 Gbps of graphics bandwidth, significantly higher than Thunderbolt 4’s maximum of 40 Gbps. The connector is not as stylish as the Thunderbolt 4 USB-C interface – the cable looks thick and plugs into a port on the side of the Flow X13 that looks like an oversized SATA connection. I’m still skeptical of custom interfaces like this as you can only turn to ASUS if the cable breaks. The X13’s large port is also not as combat tested as USB-C, so I’m concerned about its long-term durability as well. If that breaks, you can say goodbye to your eGPU.


Since it’s a convertible, you can rotate the X13’s screen to tablet or tent mode, giving you a variety of ways to enjoy the game. I could see that this aspect was particularly compelling to anyone. who want a lightweight machine to play with a controller. Putting the X13 in tent mode would be a great way to play on an airplane or in a hotel, and ASUS notes that the orientation provides better cooling as well. The X13 comes with a 120Hz 1080p panel or a 4K display (given its relatively underpowered internal GPU, 4K seems like a waste on such a small display). And at 2.9 pounds, it’s as light as Dell’s XPS 13.

I can’t fully judge the Flow X13 until I get my hands on it, but I’m certainly intrigued. The biggest downside at this point is its 13-inch screen, which can feel a bit cramped if you’re trying to really immerse yourself in a game. That’s one of the reasons I’ve dug the game so much. Zephyrus G14: Its 14 inch panel looked more like a 15 inch screen, which is my preferred size for gaming on the go.


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