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AT&T killed its skinny bundled TV service

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To that end, it eliminated the annual contract requirement for AT&T TV, and you are no longer required to use AT&T’s own hardware. Instead, you will be able to use third-party devices, including an Apple TV 4K or a Roku Streaming Stick 3800RT.

The main downside is that the prices are considerably higher. The new service starts at $ 70 for a basic package with more than 65 channels and goes up to $ 95 for more than 130 channels “including regional sports networks,” according to AT&T’s website. is double the price of AT&T TV Now at launch, although it has since climbed to the last starting price of $ 55 per month with over 45 channels.

AT&T TV Now, originally DirecTV Now, got off to a strong start in 2016, eventually becoming the market leader in cord cutting by 2018. Due to the additional costs of delivering content, it was forced to ” increase prices early 2019, the base price had jumped and the number of live channels had dropped considerably. As of September 2020, the service only had an 8% market share, far behind Hulu + Live TV with 34% and YouTube TV with 26%, according to Antenna.


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