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August WiFi Smart Lock is 26% off at Wellbots

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If you are considering an expansion of your smart home setup, Wellbots has a lot to offer on a solid smart door lock. The 4th generation August WiFi Smart Lock is on sale for $ 184 right now – the sale price is $ 199, but using the code ENGADGET15 at checkout the final price will drop to $ 184. That’s just $ 1 more than the all-time low of $ 183 that the smart lock fell to at Amazon in January.

Buy August Smart Lock (4th gen) at Wellbots – $ 184

There are a lot of smart door locks out there, but this one deserved a score of 80 from us for its simple design and equally straightforward installation process. The 4th generation lock is almost half the size of the previous generation and its minimalist circular design should blend in perfectly with most home styles. Setting up the smart lock only takes a few minutes, and the companion mobile app has helpful videos that walk you through the process. Most of the necessary tools come in the box, but you will need your own Philips screwdriver. We also appreciate that August requires two-factor authentication when you set up the lock – it’s an extra security measure you should use, especially when it comes to IoT devices.

Once installed, you can use the mobile app to lock or unlock your door remotely. And if you’re away and need to let a friend or family member in, you can send them a digital key that will unlock your door. You also don’t have to give up your physical key entirely, as you can use it with the smart lock together. But before you take the plunge, take a look August support page which details which deadbolts are compatible with the smart lock.

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