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Australia vs India pink balloon test Shane Warne News

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The pink ball test in Adelaide has become one of the must-see matches on the cricket calendar.

Indeed, the day-night version of the traditional sports format has been generally well received around the world, even by those who were initially skeptical.

The eerie variables of the swinging ball under the lights create a fascinating sub-plot as players and pundits try to find the best tactics.

But the Pink Ball remains a part-time deal, with only one test under the lights each Australian summer.

And Australian spin king Shane Warne wonders why.

“I think the pink ball should be used in all test matches,” Warne said of Fox Cricket on day one of the Australia-India test at the Adelaide Oval.

“Daytime games, not just daytime and nighttime games.

“I think the pink ball, you can see it easier, the crowd can see it easier, it usually does more than the red ball and it looks fantastic on TV.

“So why not use the pink ball all the time?

“Maybe change it every 60 overs because it gets soft.

“But I would use the pink ball for every test match.

“More I say.

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The first pink ball test was played between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide in 2015.

Warne took his 708 try-out wickets with the traditional red ball, but he contends that this no longer offers sufficient assistance to bowlers.

Kookaburra manufactures both the red and pink balls used in Australian cricket.

“No more red ball,” Warne said.

“It doesn’t swing, it doesn’t matter, it goes slowly after 25 overs.

“It’s been so long since it’s been pathetic, the red ball.

“Except the Duke Ball in England, they were just a garbage ball, the red ball.

“The pink ball cannot be worse than what the red ball was in Test Cricket.

“We haven’t seen any swing, no stitching, it doesn’t matter at all.

“So let’s try the pink ball in Test Cricket.”


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