Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Belkin recalls cell phone charging stand in case of fire

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Belkin wish you would stop using its portable wireless charger + special edition stand if you have one. The accessory manufacturer has Posted a voluntary recall of the external battery / charging cradle due to a manufacturing defect in the power supply. Belkin says the fault can cause the charger to overheat and malfunction, which means the device poses a risk of fire and electric shock. No injuries or property damage have been reported yet and the company will give you a full refund to keep this going.

The product, with model code WIZ003, has a power capacity of 10,000mAh and can wirelessly charge Qi-enabled phones when connected. Belkin has ensured its compatibility with iPhone 8 and later models – Apple even sold the product in its stores. If you want to check if your product is affected, you can cross its serial number located on the back of the battery pack with this list: 35B01DO6029400-35B01DO6033704, 35B01DO5010350-35B01DO5014350, 35B01DO6016560-35B01DO6020560, 35B01DO10DO6020560, 35B01DO10DO603350-4001D01D01DO6020560, 35B01DO10DO603350-4050 35B01DO6016560-35B01DO6020560, 35B01DO01DO6020560, 35B013501DO3000D and 35B01DO6010501-35B01DO6015500.


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