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Best card combinations – Monster Train wiki guide

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Best card combinations Map 1 Combination The description Disturbed bully Horn breaker prince All Horn breaker prince will associate will with Rage building spells and relics. paired with Disturbed bully can power Rage even more. Imp-pressive Magic power Improve Because Imp-pressive is Harmonized, increasing the magic power will greatly increase its power. Imp-pressive Endless / holding Giving Imp-pressive the Outfit ability allows it to be used on every turn. Associated with a Endless Imp, you can use this very powerful spell once per turn. Alpha demon Multistrike Alpha Fiend’s Strike the ability increases its power per attack. Multistrike increases the number of attacks he can make per turn, increasing his power. Prick Channelheart / Thorn case Prick cards may be abundant in a Awake bridge, so feed them with artifacts can make them quite powerful. Sentinel of the Titans Health improvements / frostbite This Stygian The tank can be very effective at dealing massive damage to enemy units if it has enough health to activate it. Revenge: Frostbite trigger several times. Crucible collector Morselmaster / manufacturer, Shroud Spike, Feast, etc. The principles of this unit apply to every Throat capable unit, however, the Crucible collector will help you in the most reliable way Theft of life. If you associate high consumption of Morsel with Crucible collector which has received improvements in both health and offense, you will have a solid floor no matter what. Transferor Morselmaster / manufacturer, Shroud Spike, Feast, etc.


While the Transferor has a strategy similar to Crucible collector, it deserves a specific mention because of its potency. You can increase his attack throughout a run to several hundred per hit, thanks to Throat abilites alone. Bounty Stalker Burnout / endless Follow the principles of combination Switch off and Burnout together, Bounty Stalker can get incredibly strong when paired with Burnout, because it can automatically trigger their Switch off aptitude. Likewise, Endless allows the unit to be brought down again and again, increasing its damage each time. Wax legion Improved health / attack


Yes Wax legion has increased health and attack at all levels, and then as he dies and splits into several more units, they will all be stronger than before. A strong Wax legion can be a serious problem for bosses. Dante the deceiver Burn Cards

High Alliance ranks

Improved health / attack

Dante gains more power for each Burn card in your deck. This may allow you to choose more from the cave events or to enjoy the Burn cards in races of higher difficulty to increase its power.


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