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Best Comic Book Series of 2020

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2020 has been a weird and often scary year, but at least we had a lot of great comics to provide a much-needed escape. This year books like Daredevil, Distant sector and Gideon Falls has always captivated us month after month. Which brings us to our Best Nomination Comic Series 2020.

Best Comic Book Series of 2020

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Daredevil has hosted some of the greatest creative races in Marvel’s long history, which surely makes it an intimidating prospect for any newcomer. But under the steady hand of writer Chip Zdarsky and artists like Marco Checchetto and Jorge Fornes, Daredevil is back to always be one of the best superhero comics on the booths, Marvel or otherwise.

Distant sector

While Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint appears to have mostly run its course in 2020, a series continues to burn this fire. The Distant Sector gives the Green Lantern comic a fresh and visually stunning twist, showing us what happens when Earth’s last lantern is tasked with solving a murder mystery on the far reaches of the universe. Writer NK Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell really bring their A-game.

Gideon Falls

After the historic stint on Green Arrow and Old Man Logan, we’ll follow the creative couple of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino anywhere. The duo are wrapping up what may just be their best collaboration yet in Gideon Falls, a nihilistic horror series perfect for anyone craving more Twin Peaks in their life.

Man ice cream

Ice Cream is without a doubt one of the quirkiest and most disturbing comics out there. Beneath its pleasing exterior, it’s truly a horror anthology where the lives of various oppressed people intersect with the creepiest ice cream parlor you can find. Unlike the savory dessert, this series only seems to get better with time.

Immortal Hulk

Immortal Hulk has become an eternal favorite on our top lists, and for good reason. The unique blend of horror and superhero action makes this one of the best takes from the Hulk franchise we’ve ever seen. The series has shown no signs of slowing down in 2020.

John Constantine: Hellblazer

DC has struggled to find the right place for John Consatntine since the end of the long Hellblazer series in 2013 and the character’s transition to the heart of the DC Universe. The good news is that writer Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell have finally come up with the right formula by bringing Constantine back to his roots while also confronting him with his own worst enemy – himself. It’s a shame that DC ended the series after 12 issues, but we can still hope that there is a future for Hellblazer in 2021.

Once and the future

Once & Future benefits from a double of a solid premise and a talented creative team. This series draws on classic Arthurian stories while finding ways to subvert expectations. It’s beautifully rendered and surprisingly funny, which makes this new series a no-brainer for fans of King Arthur or dark and fun fantasy stories.

Something is killing the children

If you enjoy horror stories fueled by monsters and knockout female protagonists, Something Is Killing the Children has a lot to offer. This series is bursting with a great sense of atmosphere, while also creating the monster-hunting heroine Erica Slaughter, a protagonist truly weighed down by the weight of her responsibilities.

Superman’s Boyfriend Jimmy Olsen

While writer Matt Fraction has remained busy with various creator-owned projects, his departure from Marvel has left a huge void when it comes to sleek and irreverent superhero comics. Thankfully, Marvel’s loss turned out to be DC’s gain, with Fraction and artist Steve Lieber indulging in savage madness with Superman’s best friend.

Unknown country

In addition, Scott Snyder and Charles Soule are among the best writers in the comic book industry. Pair them up and pair them up with superstar artist Giuseppe Camuncoli and the result is Undiscovered Country, one of the best additions to Image’s lineup in recent memory. And given that it focuses on a future world ravaged by plague, the series couldn’t be more timely in 2020.

These are our picks for Best Comic Book Series of 2020 – let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make ours, and be sure to stream your. vote for our 2020 People’s Choice Award Comic Book Series here!

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