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Best gear and tips to keep your home warm in winter (2021)

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Winter is officially here, and by that I mean he’s in the room with you, right behind you, seeping through the cracks in your own house and making you wonder why you’re still shivering when the radiator is blowing up . Whether you’ve recently moved to a new location, didn’t know your house was leaking as well as a screen door on a submarine, or saw this months ago and just procrastinated (me), you are now faced with several months of your precious heated. air floating in the hallway or outside.

There are ways to mitigate this problem with a few quick fixes. You could buy one thermal leak detector to find cold spots in your home, but before you buy anything, do a cursory inspection. You can get an idea if there are any gaps in your door frames and baseboards and if you can feel cold air coming in through the weatherstripping around your windows.

We’ve outlined several things you can do to insulate your home and keep the air warm this winter. These are all accessible projects, and none of them cost a lot of money. With the savings on your electric bill, they might even pay for themselves.

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Get caulk

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More likely than not, if you live in an apartment or an older house, you have gaps in that 90-degree angle where your wall baseboards meet your floor. These spaces may not look large, but the amount of cold air flowing through them and entering your home is significant. Also check around the window frame moldings for gaps.


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