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Best headphones 2021: wired and wireless in-ear headphones

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If you’re looking for the best sound and audio out of a headset, you’ll probably turn to in-ear headphones. But, for all their audio chops, those big, bulky headphones aren’t always the best option in everyday life. When you’re on the go, at work, or at the gym, a pair of headphones is more likely to be a worthy companion. Headphones are much easier to stow in a bag, purse, or pocket. And, if you wear them while you’re on the go, the minimal weight of the earbuds themselves makes them less prone to shaking and falling off your head. Although you may still come across tangled cords, this problem is solved by many wireless earphones available. Also, many of the best headphones are a bit more affordable than comparable on-ear headphones, perhaps thanks in part to a lower material list.

We’ve picked a few winning options to help you play and enjoy media on the go. They come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can find one that will work just fine for you.

TL; DR – These are the best headphones:

1.1More triple conductor

Best headphones

Our choice

1 No more triple conductor

Sure Amazon

You could go out and spend a couple hundred bucks on a pair of headphones, believe it or not, but the best headphones should offer not only good sound quality, but also a solid feature set and value for money. This is where the 1More Triple Driver headphones land. These headphones don’t come cheap, although they aren’t incredibly expensive either, and you get what you pay for.

The 1More Triple Driver headphones have a chic design with metal housings and two-tone styling. Delivering audio quality, the headphones feature two balanced armature drivers and a third dynamic driver giving them an impressive frequency response range. The bass is punchy despite the size of the headphones, and the mid tones are nice and warm. The highs could be more pronounced, but the overall sound quality is impressive for the price. 1More also includes a range of ear tips in the box, so you can get a perfect fit for your ears.

2. Marshall mode

Best budget headphones

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We could have put more expensive headphones on this list, but let’s face it: Not everyone wants to spend $ 100 or more on in-ear headphones. If you’re like me and tend to leave those little headphones somewhere, never to be seen again, the Marshall Mode is an incredible set of headphones for around $ 50.

The bass from these wired headphones kick out a good kick without overpowering everything else. The touch of gold on these matte black headphones is also quite stylish. That said, for this low and low price, you only get a single button remote control and a basic microphone, but it’s a great inexpensive option if you just need a pair of headphones to. throw away.

3. Creative Outlier Air V2

Best wireless headphones

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Creative Outlier Air V2

Sure Amazon

Creative’s Outlier Air V2 headphones improve on what was already a phenomenal pair of wireless headphones with the original Outlier Air. While costing less than most of the competition, the Outlier Air V2 manages to deliver features that even their more expensive rivals may lack.

The Outlier Air V2 headphones feature 5.6mm graphene drivers capable of handling a typical frequency response range, which will allow you to take advantage of AAC and aptX codec support. This means better audio quality than some basic headphones that only support SBC. The Outlier Air V2 also offers a convincing 12 hour battery life in the buds themselves with even more juice available in the charging case. Between the case and headphones, you can go 34 hours without having to plug into a power outlet, and you can use a USB-C cable when you need to charge. Creative hasn’t forgotten about water resistance either, so you can safely sweat in these heads.

4. Optoma NuForce Be Live5

Best bluetooth headphones

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Optoma NuForce Be Live5

Sure Amazon

If you like the idea of ​​wireless headphones but still have anxiety about them falling and falling down a sewer grate, then maybe a pair of bluetooth headphones is what you need. you need. The Optoma NuForce Be Live5, like all Bluetooth headphones do, comes with a cord connecting the two headphones that are on the back of your neck.

Not only does this provide a bit more security, but the neck strap also allows you to hang the headphones if you need to remove one or both. The large band of Bluetooth headphones can also hold a larger battery, which typically lasts longer than the small cells built into true wireless options.

5. JLab Epic Air Sport

Best sports headphones

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JLab Epic Air Sport

Sure Best buy

If you love to move for hours, the JLab Epic Air Sport headphones are a marathon champion. This is in part because of their marathon battery life, which offers over 10 hours of charge. Even the case is charged with energy, giving the earbuds an extra 60 hours of battery life. The Epic Air Sport headphones are particularly well suited for running because of their ear hooks, which can help them hold them in place even during an aggressive run, as well as the range of different ear tips that JLab includes. in the box. You should have a hard time finding a good fit. Once you’re ready, you’re ready to sweat thanks to the IP66 rating. These headphones also have a key safety feature for running – the ability to activate ambient sound so you can hear traffic and other potential hazards throughout your run.

6. Apple Airpods

Best headphones for Apple users

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No list of desirable headphones would be complete without Apple’s spectacular Airpods. If you have a combination of an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple TV, you almost owe it to yourself to a pair of these easy-to-connect wireless headphones.

Of course, you can also use Airpods with Android and Windows devices, but you will miss some features. However, you’ll still get the main benefits, including complete wireless freedom, all-day comfort, and superb audio quality. Battery life isn’t the best at just five hours per charge, but it’s definitely enough for your commute or half marathon.

7. Shure SE215

Best sound isolating headphones

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If you’ve spent any time around a microphone, you’ve undoubtedly come across the Shure brand. The company makes more than just microphones, because Shure also produces quality audio electronics like these great headphones. The SE215-K also adapts perfectly to your ear.

Beyond the excellent sound clarity and comfort for $ 100, the SE215-K has a unique feature where the cable between the headphones is actually detachable and replaceable. You can also go wireless with an optional Bluetooth cable.

8. Audeze Euclid

Best high-end headphones

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For high quality sound, you can go beyond common dynamic drivers and step into the world of plane magnetic transducers. And, with the Audeze Euclid, you can get this technology in a compact earpiece. Audeze Euclid headphones feature 18mm planar magnetic transducers that can deliver a refined and detailed audio experience. And, with an impedance of just 12 ohms, you shouldn’t have much trouble powering these headphones with a wide variety of audio sources.

Audeze Euclid headphones come with a braided MMCX cable that ends in a 3.5mm jack. But that doesn’t mean that’s how you should use them. You can pair these headphones with your own MMCX cables. Audeze also plans to release 4.4mm balanced cables to pair with these headphones as well as a Bluetooth adapter for wireless use.

9. Bose Sport open earphones

Best headphones for running

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Bose Sport open earphones

Sure Bose

When you are running, it is natural to want to enjoy your pumping music. Some solid lumps can not only give you a little extra energy, but can also distract you from muscles and bones that get more and more sore the further you go. But, if you have headphones deep in your ears blocking out all external sounds, you might accidentally hurt in a different way. Running with music can be dangerous if it prevents you from hearing things like cars coming out of the driveways or driving behind you. Bose Sport open-ear headphones solve this problem.

These headphones clip around your ear and position the speakers themselves just outside your ear canal. They direct sound into your ear without blocking your ear. So not only do you hear your songs, but you also hear the world around you. You’ll be more secure during your runs and you can have a conversation with a running buddy without having to give up your tracks. Since the headphones clip around your ears, they can also stay in place while you run. And you can count on these even if you’re planning on running a marathon because they offer eight hours of battery life.

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