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Best Limited Comic Series or Original Graphic Novel of 2020

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Not all great comic book stories need to be in progress. Whether you were watching graphic novels like Blue in Green or limited series like Bang !, some of the best comics of 2020 were short and sweet. Which brings us to our best limited comic series or original graphic novel of the 2020 nominations.

Best Limited Comic Series or Original Graphic Novel of 2020

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Matt Kindt is truly one of the most versatile writers in comics, succeeding in all kinds of genres. Working with artist Wilfredo Torres, Kindt manages to reverse the spy genre and eliminate all the tired old tropes.

Blue in green

Having already proven their artistic merit with Grafity’s Wall, writer Ram V and artist Anand RK reach even greater heights in this stunning graphic novel. Blue in Green combines horror and jazz music in a haunting, psychedelic fusion of art and words.

BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns and Moonage Daydreams

There was no one like David Bowie – glam rock superstar, genre-bending fashion icon, talented actor and a man of a thousand different identities. This graphic novel biography captures the enigma that Bowie was as she explores his rise to fame and his struggle to reconcile his warring sides. It also gives real visual life to some of Bowie’s most iconic songs.

Superman breaks the Klan

This graphic novel cleverly updates a classic Superman radio series for a modern audience, making it one of the best releases from DC’s ever-growing YA line of graphic novels. It may be in the 1940s, but Superman Smashes the Klan proves that the Man of Steel and his pursuit of ideals like tolerance and empathy are truly timeless.

You brought me the ocean

While the new Aqualad Jackson Hyde has been around for a full decade, it’s only recently that DC has really started to take advantage of the character. Jackson gets the coming-of-age tale he deserves in this graphic novel by YA, as he takes on the challenges of being queer, black, and half-human while yearning for the freedom of the great ocean.

These are our picks for Best Comic Book Limited Series or Original Graphic Novel of 2020 – let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make ours, and be sure to pitch your vote for our 2020 People’s Choice Award Comic Book Series here!

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