Saturday, June 10, 2023

Big Paintball on Roblox Introduces New Maps and More in Latest Update

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Prepare to lock and charge your enemies, Roblox Fans. Great Paintball has gotten even bigger on Xbox One with its richest content update yet, bringing you more maps and a host of gameplay improvements to increase the fun and intensity of each firefight.

New and remastered maps

Suijin and Safehouse were recently added to Great PaintballIn addition to the two new Battlegrounds, Big Games has also worked hard to remaster the game’s existing maps with an improved color scheme and more strategic gameplay elements like better cover and more open space to cross. Whether you are a new player or a former player, there are endless game possibilities to discover on every map.

Big Paintball on Roblox


Inspired by Japanese architecture, Suijin is arguably one of the most unique and versatile cards Great Paintball has to offer. The steep terrain, plentiful coverage, and wide open lanes along the outer rim will require you to constantly mix up your playstyle if you hope to win.

Big Paintball on Roblox

Secure house

Whether you’re inside or out, expect some fierce fighting in Safehouse. From the start of the round, the two teams will inevitably compete for control of the immense refuge in the center of the map. Quickly set up a perimeter and you just might find yourself victorious.

Big Paintball on Roblox

New game mode

The competition heats up in Great Paintball with the all-new ultra-intense Skill game mode. The rules are simple: whoever gets 100 tags first wins! Build up those streaks and let the paint fly.

Big Paintball on Roblox

More updates to come

Big Games is always looking to refine the gaming experience in Great Paintball. The new content drop includes a new movement system to make the game faster. You’ll also notice various respawn improvements and lots of visual improvements across the board. And this is only the beginning. Over the next few months, Xbox One gamers can expect a steady stream of new maps, weapons, and sets to gain the edge over their opponents.

See you on the battlefield, Robloxians!

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