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Blood of Zeus combines myth with Saturday morning cartoons

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The new Netflix series Blood of Zeus presents a new take on Greek mythology, featuring familiar characters such as Poseidon, Ares, and Cerberus. Science fiction author Zach Chapman enjoyed the epic fight sequences of the series.

“It’s the same studio that did the animation work on Castlevania, so it’s the same kind of poise and the same level of awesome fighting, ”Chapman says in episode 455 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast. “If you liked Castlevania, double check this. “

Fantastic author Douglas cohen appreciated that Blood of Zeus not only removes the names of characters from Greek mythology, but shows genuine familiarity with the source material.

“It reminded me a lot Illiad, “he said.” Where the gods seem to take this attitude of, ‘Mortals are going to fight and we’re going to stay out of this – but I’m going to step in here and do this, and I’m going to step in here and do that. ” It reminded me of Greek mythology, the way they acted above but weren’t really above, couldn’t help but get involved.

But Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley felt that a subplot, involving a character named Seraphim leading an army of demons, never quite matched the rest of the story. “It always felt like a weird crossover event where characters from different series came together,” he says. “Seraphim” isn’t a Greek word either, it’s a Hebrew word, and demons look more like Judeo-Christian demons than anything I remember in Greek mythology. “

Blood of Zeus presents himself as “anime”, but fantastic author Erin Lindsey think the show is more enjoyable if you see it as an adult version of a Saturday morning cartoon. “I think it’s not supposed to do some of the things that we expect it to do, and if you kind of take it as a deliberately simple style of animation, then you’ll sort of overcome that problem,” she says. “I don’t know if they did themselves a favor by calling it ‘animates’ or triggering this set of expectations.”

Listen to the full interview with Zach Chapman, Douglas Cohen and Erin Lindsey in Episode 455 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some highlights from the discussion below.

Zach Chapman on Immortals:

“If you take a picture of it, it looks really cool, and there are some really cool fight scenes, but there’s extreme overuse of slow motion. Feels like he’s just trying to do 300. I read a quote from [the director] saying he wanted to do a Greek epic like a Renaissance painting – and certainly if you take a photo from that movie, there are a lot of images that look like a Renaissance painting – but it’s very forgettable. … Immortals sometimes is awesome visually, and other times it’s just very Zack Snyder-y. Around 2005 Sin city went out and 300 came out, and there were all these movies that reproduced that dark, grainy color palette with slow motion, and that’s what it really is.

Douglas Cohen on Clash of the Titans:

“Personally, I’ve never seen the movie, but my wife’s mother loved it so much that she named my wife after one of the characters in the movie, and that’s why my wife’s name is wife is Andromeda. … [My wife] I watched it a few times as a kid, and I think we watched it once not too long ago, during the pandemic, and we both fell asleep, and we didn’t. never came back. But a lot of fantasy and sci-fi fans, when they find out my wife’s name is Andromeda, they’re like, “Really? Is your wife’s name Andromeda? You? Douglas? The science fiction fan? Well, that’s why my wife’s name is Andromeda.

Erin Lindsey on Hera:

“Hera as the antagonist is the archetypal ‘despised woman’, and she’s everything we expect from women in this position – she’s deceptive, manipulative, and petty, and that would just be a huge glance. if it wasn’t. for the fact that this is indeed how Hera is portrayed in much of Greek mythology. … I wish what they would have done was relegated more to the background – and perhaps an old source of bitterness – but more focused on her contemporary jealousies, done more by the fact that she was the one there. queen of the gods and that Zeus usurped her. I wish they had done more and focused less on the despised angle of the woman.

David Barr Kirtley on Blood of Zeus against. The Empire Strikes Back:

“Alexia is going to meet Chiron, the centaur, and he says, ‘I’m sorry, I had no choice, they came right before you.’ So he’s exactly like Lando, and he even says, “No, we had a deal. She was going to stay here with me. They are literally quoting lines from Star Wars. Then Heron goes to train with Zeus, and his big deal is that he can’t control his anger, then he gets this prophecy that his friends are in danger, and he has a choice of either finishing his training or saving. his friends. Then he meets Seraphim – who is not his father but his brother – who says: “Join me”, and extends his hand to him. … It was just one thing after another, where I was like, ‘I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.’ “

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