Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Boston Dynamics trains robot dog to recharge

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Along with Spot Enterprise, Boston Dynamics announced a browser-based system called Scout that allows users to operate Spot remotely. It allows people to control the robot manually or perform preprogrammed autonomous actions with a simple user interface.

The company also announced Spot Arm, a robotic arm which can grab, lift, transport, place and drag a range of objects manually or semi-autonomously. The arm can help Spot open and close valves, turn handles and knobs, and pull levers, which will allow him to open doors. The robot can also be equipped with a thermal imaging payload with 30x optical zoom.

Boston Dynamics says it has sold more than 400 Spot Explorers since the start of commercial sales in June. While he only sells the bots to businesses at the moment, he plans to make Spot available for home use someday.


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