Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Brisbane Broncos confident Jamayne Isaako will make ‘quick recovery’ after ankle injury

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The Brisbane Broncos are confident Jamayne Isaako will recover quickly despite a sprained ankle in practice.

Panic tore through the Broncos’ training center today after Isaako fell in a practice session.

Thankfully, fears the 24-year-old could potentially suffer a serious injury were quickly allayed following an assessment by the club’s medical staff.

“Jamayne suffered a lateral ankle sprain in training today. After an initial assessment, we believe he will recover quickly and resume training next week,” said Andrew Croll, performance manager of the Broncos.

Separately, Corey Oates, who injured his hand during a tackle drill last week, will avoid surgery but is expected to miss the next four to six weeks of pre-season training.

“He’s been examined by a surgeon and a hand therapist and at this point the best course of action is the hand splint and he doesn’t need surgery,” Croll said.

“He will be reviewed regularly by the specialist to ensure that his recovery is progressing, with the expectation that he will return to full training between 4 and 6 weeks.”


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