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Brisbane Broncos drop Anthony Milford, Matt Lodge on Kevin Walters



Broncos coach Kevin Walters made his biggest statement of the season so far, giving up half a million dollars Anthony Milford after a series of poor performance.

Before Matt lodge said the staff’s decision was a sign that the remaining players need to play well above the level they currently posted.

“Kevvie drew a line in the sand,” Lodge told reporters on Monday.

Kevin Walters will have a fight in his hands to straighten the fortunes of the Brisbane Broncos. (Getty) (Getty)

“The team need something – we’ve been playing the right guy for a long time and it’s getting us nowhere and someone has to put their foot down and be ruthless.

“While I’m sorry for the guys that miss you, you can’t just keep doing the same thing week after week and expect changes. So Kevvie looked at the game and found things that he didn’t like and he hold people accountable. “

the Broncos have suffered a brutal season so far and were comfortably beaten by South Sydney last Thursday.

Milford and the Tesi Niu center are expected to be scrapped after training with the reservists this week.

“We all know Milf is a talented first year footballer, but he and a few others don’t do what Kevvie wants and I applaud him for putting his foot down,” Lodge said.

“I’m sure Milf will be back but Crofty was disappointed a few weeks ago so everyone on the team is vulnerable to it and if you don’t play Kev has shown you will be held responsible including myself.”

Broncos player Anthony Milford. (Getty)

It may be unfair to put players on the spot when it comes to comparing their own squad against the rest, but Lodge’s statement about their opponents for Thursday night will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

“We have young people here who are just as talented if not more than the Penrith team,” he said.

“Someday it will click for them.”

Brisbane will start the game as a rank underdog against Creeping Panthers, who are the only undefeated team in the league after five rounds.

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“They’re playing really good football and we’re going to have to pack our shovels and dig because it’s going to be a test,” Lodge said.

“We’re going to come back and Kevvie has put his foot down and everyone knows what’s to come, so we’re looking forward to Thursday night.

“Whether it’s Milf this time, or me or whoever it is, there’s a time here if you’re not playing, then you’re away.”

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