Thursday, February 29, 2024

Bumble disabled his political filter after it was used to eliminate rioters from the Capitol

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Another user, immigration attorney Allison Norris, responded. “I know a friend of a friend who changed her preference for Bumble to curator,” she tweeted. “She corresponds with the MAGA brothers and they brag and send her pictures and videos of them in the Capitol. She sends them to the FBI.

While this statement has by no means been confirmed, one user tweeted it and tagged it Bumble. Soon after, his Twitter support responded that he would remove the political filter to reduce “abuse.” Bumble made the following statement to Mashable:

Bumble prohibits content that encourages any illegal activity, including terrorism and incitement to violence. In addition, the dissemination of false information, such as the certified results of the US elections, is prohibited.

On January 6, we immediately made sure our hate speech analysis and protocols addressed the attack on the U.S. Capitol and began removing all insurgency-related content from our platform. If we see anything that could suggest that someone has committed or is committing a potentially criminal act, we will take appropriate action with law enforcement.

The company added that it would ban any AI-detected content promoting the insurgency, promising bans for repeated breaches or extreme content. However, the idea of ​​removing the political filter did not appeal to everyone. “Looks like I broke Bumble?” But I guess Bumble was already broken if he was that quick to protect the terrorists, ”Norris tweeted in response.


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