Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bumble won’t let you share bikini and bra pics if you took them indoors

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Internet companies have frequently obscure policies when it comes to sex, and that apparently extends to dating apps like Bumble. BuzzFeed News reports that Bumble took photos of artist Cali Rockowitz wearing a bralette due to a policy banning swimsuits and underwear photos indoors. Apparently a bikini top or a shirtless look is fine as long as the photos have been “taken outside”. And no, you cannot edit photos to simulate outdoor shooting.

A spokesperson said BuzzFeed the policy went into effect in 2016 after user complaints and research. Shirtless bathroom selfies were “the most swept to the left,” Bumble said, and cracked down on beating on the affected swimsuits and underwear. Outdoor shots are permitted as they reflect a “natural setting” for the bikinis.


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