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Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 Transmog Will Arrive In Season 14, Plus Changes To ‘Rewards That Matter’

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Bungie confirmed earlier today that Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been pushed back until 2022. You can read the candid article about it. here with our previous cover, but the team has also confirmed when players can finally expect transmogrification on top of the expected changes to how rewards work in the game.

Ada-1 returns to the tower in Season 14, the following season after Chosen. With its return comes the possibility of finally “ thinking about Destiny 2 but then doing it. fashion’ with the ability to transmogrify those “lewks”.

Currently, players can go to the Collections tab in-game to change their Guardian’s appearance by re-acquiring certain unlocked gear and shaders, but that’s still pretty limited. There are also adornments that can change the appearance of some items, but again; limit. With the newly implemented transmog system, called Armor Synthesis, arriving with Season 14, players will be able to take all armors that they have in their collections and make it a universal ornament without limits.

“Each season, Ada will be giving players a set of bonuses showcasing different types of activities,” explains the last blog post. “Players can complete these quests and receive the materials they need to power Ada’s craft, which can turn any piece of armor in your collection into a permanent universal ornament. Players short on time will be able to turn any piece of armor in your collection into a permanent universal ornament. also buy Synthetic Tokens for cash. “

Once players acquire a few new Universal Adornments, Bungie says they’ll then want to head to the new appearance screen, which can be found in the character menu. It will be here that Guardians can change the aesthetics of all their gear in one convenient place, regardless of gear type, individually or in a single swipe. Bungie is also changing the shaders to be permanently unlocked so they don’t have to hang on to inventory stacks, making it even easier to customize the appearance of armor and weapons. .

Also coming up: changes to the rewards system. Season 11 introduced brew caps to keep “gear fresh.” What he actually did, however, frustrated gamers endlessly. You know how long it took me to get Randy’s throwing knife and masterpiece only to be considered void due to a power cap? TOO LONG, dear reader. While the goal behind this change remains the same, Bungie realizes that the execution was “off target.” For this reason, players can expect some changes.

“We have decided that any weapon or armor that can currently be infused at maximum power will continue to be able to reach maximum power at all times. Starting in Season 14, we will not be limiting infusion on weapons or armor that hasn’t yet peaked at the start of Season 13. That means you’ll be able to take your Trustee, Falling Guillotine, and all the high stat armor you’ve earned this year to take on the raid in The Witch Queen. “

The studio is exploring different ways to improve the game’s meta, although specific, larger-scale changes are not to be announced in the immediate future, particularly with regard to The Witch Queen. That being said, Bungie promises that it will no longer cap its weapons, but because of that, “we need to factor in more variables into the balance of the game in our upcoming seasons and releases, so expect to see adjustments for our biggest outliers in PVP and PVE. Yes, I’m looking at you, Felwinter and Warmind Cells. ”

This is a massive change for the game and one that can go right or so very very wrong.

For more on what’s to come in Destiny 2, including crossplay, you can see the full blog on the right here.


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