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Cameron Green Australia v India Cricket Test News

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Aussie debutant Cam Green has revealed why he was forced to cede the ball to Pat Cummins after appearing ready to play his first delivery yesterday.

Green started to warm up at the end of Cummins, only for Cummins to then give the referee his cap and demand the ball, leaving the red-faced young gun.

Talk to Fox cricket, the 21-year-old revealed it was a misunderstanding on his part.

“Tim Paine said, ‘You have five minutes to get ready’ and Patty hadn’t even started hers ahead of time,” he said.

Green set to make test debut against India

“Passing normally takes three or four minutes, so in my head I do the math and think I have the next one.

“So he could have said five hours too long instead of five minutes. There were a few things going through my head, so I wasn’t thinking too clearly.”

The youngster also reveals that he entered the match with a restriction on the number of overs he can play.

“There were some restrictions in the game, but when you play Test Match cricket those restrictions can be changed a bit. I’ll see how it goes,” he said.


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