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Cameron Smith to join Gold Coast Titans

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Cronulla Sharks great Paul Gallen says he expects Cameron Smith to play and team up with the Gold Coast Titans later this year.

Smith, 37, has spent the past 12 months answering questions about his future for 2021, but has yet to provide a clear indication of his state of mind with the season starting Thursday.

The Titans are the only club out of 16 in the NRL with enough money under the salary cap for 2021 to accommodate a player of Smith’s caliber, with reports club still has up to $ 600,000 to offer the legend of the storm.

Gallen, a former Smith Kangaroos teammate, says he agrees with speculation linking Smith to the Titans.

The former NSW Origin captain believes a $ 600,000 salary package would be a fitting deal to lure Smith, who will have already missed the start of the season if he returns around April.

“I think it’s become more of a joke now – if Cameron Smith retires the game deserves to know it,” he told 2GB. Wide World of Sports Radio.

“He’s the greatest player the game has ever seen in my opinion. If he’s not going to play, we should know.

“But I think he’s going to play – I think he’s going to play for the Gold Coast Titans.

“There’s a rumor right now the Gold Coast Titans have about $ 600,000 to spend. I think Cameron is worth $ 1 million a year. I think it’s fair to put a million dollars on it. Cameron Smith. “

“He probably gave up five months’ salary – November, December, January, February and he will probably also give up March. If they have $ 600,000 in reserve in their cap, he will sign with the Gold Coast Titans in April.

“So he’ll probably play from round five or six. That’s what I’m giving. I have no idea but that’s my theory.”

And if that’s not enough, Smith’s former Melbourne teammate Cameron Munster also said he expects the three-time Prime Minister Storm winner to be on the pitch in 2021.

“No, I don’t think he’s finished,” Munster told reporters last week at the season kickoff in the NRL.

“I think he still has a lot to give in the game.”

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