Sunday, February 25, 2024

Castlehold, a new strategy game from 5th Cell, releases today

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5th cell (Scribblenauts) is back with Castlehold, a free-to-play competitive strategy game that combines aspects of collectible card games and strategy board games. In 1v1 battles, players can create armies of different factions and attempt to take over dungeons from each other. A large number of types of troops and factions are available, such as Samurai, Pirates, Wild West, Future Soldiers, Vikings, Medieval, etc. Take a look at the trailer below to see exactly how it all plays out!

You can choose to go straight for the opponent or attempt to control various points on the board so that you can deploy better and more powerful units. You may be able to win the game quickly by lining up with the opposing castle and using tricks to infiltrate and win the game immediately, but many strategies involve expanding across the map to gain control of outlying villages and take control of the board. Smaller, nimble units are great for moving quickly across the board to capture territory, but will easily lose in battle.

Taking control of other camps provides gold that you can use to drop much stronger units and activate your captain power. Larger units can be used to upgrade your smaller troops, dominate the map, or trigger all kinds of special effects that can change the battlefield. While there is room for some mid-game strategy, counterplay, and some giant end-game wars that can occur, matches are generally fairly quick.

Players can plan strategies synergistically with Captain skills, a sort of global ability that you can select that is not represented on the game board and cannot be defeated. Activating these abilities can be the key to victory and be the deciding factor in a match.

Friendly, Casual, and Ranked modes are all available. The game is available today on Steam, the same day it was revealed. Surprise! More additions to the game are expected as Castlehold moves into Early Access.


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