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CD Projekt Red announces ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ repayment plan



The fallout from Cyberpunk 2077The buggy ride continues. Developer CD Projekt Red says its intention is to offer a refund to anyone who has purchased a physical copy of the game or a digital retail copy, even if that means paying the fees out of pocket.

If the retailer you purchased the game from will not refund you, the company asks you to email it to helpmerefund@cdprojektred.com with valid proof of purchase. You have until December 21 to contact the company to get your money back. If you’ve ever emailed CD Projekt Red about a refund and haven’t received a response yet, the studio says don’t worry. He notes that he is sending confirmation notices in waves. He’ll send out an email detailing the next steps once the refund window closes on December 21.




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